Our History

Letter from Our President & CEO


Most Americans have felt the call in a post-9/11 age to do something greater than themselves in service to defend democracy and our freedoms. Our skills lay in technology so we sought a way to best serve these ideals. My co-founder Tim Wei had the opportunity to participate as key personnel in a DHS project that serves as the centerpiece to our country’s anti-terrorism priority. This had a profound affect. We took the opportunity and started a company we named TTW Solutions in supporting that effort to serve and ensure the safety of the American public. Our passion was to create such a company with a culture of total team work to amplify the combined talent, dedication and commitment of all our employees to provide the best solutions and services to our customers who are charged with these ideals as their primary mission.

At TTW Solutions, our goal is to maximize our client's business value by using the most innovative methods available along with our top-rated capabilities and highly effective integrated solutions, coupled with industry-leading best practices. As a top-performing IT consulting services provider with proven track record and successful stories, TTW Solutions is capable of solving the most challenging problems for our customers. We value team work and are agile in knowing how to best leverage and customize our core capabilities with our partnered solutions to achieve business value by accomplishing more with less cost.

Angela Huang
President & CEO

Innovate · Integrate · Total Team Work

in·no·vate: “to do something in a new way”

TTW Solutions approaches each customer need with an open mind and vendor agnostic approach. We ignite creativity and determination in our team to solve problems in new ways and to challenge all thought boundaries.

in·te·grate: “combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole"

TTW Solutions combines tools and techniques with talented, driven people to produce quality results for our customers. We analyze all aspects of the problem from end-to-end and provide a solution that integrates all of the components for the most cost-effective method to satisfy our customers.

to·tal·team·work: total team working together with commitment and creativity to produce quality results

TTW Solutions talented experts work with our customers, share ideas, and provide solutions that solve real world issues. In working together as a total team, we achieve results for our customers that bring value to them and to the public they serve

Vision, Mission, Core Values


To become a leader in providing technical and management services and solutions dedicated to improving our clients’ mission and maximizing our clients’ business and organizational value.


To provide first-rate, innovative, expert technical and management services and solutions to support our customers’ mission and goals and help them to meet their challenges while building lifetime client relationship; to continue strengthening and expanding our core capabilities by staying current and looking ahead on latest innovative technologies and methods to guarantee our delivery of industry-leading, best-practice services and solutions to our customers; to become a reliable, winning teaming partner sharing business success; to foster a professional, empowering, growing, and supporting working environment for our employees to enable them to more effectively serve our clients; and to contribute and create opportunities to better our community.


  • Service: we will serve our customers with the best, suitable solutions and utmost commitment and dedication to consistently exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Integrity: we will exemplify integrity by adhering to the highest ethical code.
  • Excellence: we will continually strengthen and improve the quality of our technical and management solutions to best serve our customers as a recognized industry leader.
  • Perseverance: we will perform our tasks to completion with determination to succeed.
  • Total Team Work: we will build strategic, trustworthy teaming partners to bring together shared knowledge and total solution to contribute to our customers’ success.