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Military and Civilians are charged with a wide range of duties carried out in many places to support our freedom. Each year, more than 3.4 million DoD employees travel for temporary duty and need to book hotels, air travel, rental cars, and more. The 4+ million travel authorizations for these missions need to be identified, routed, approved, tracked and submitted for reimbursement payment. TTW Solutions supports this critical mission with the largest DoD web application that has helped reduced costs, simplified processing and management, prevented waste and abuse, and improved customer service for our DoD customer.

  • Largest DoD-wide web application system 24x7x365
  • Manages temporary duty travel for more than 3.4 million DoD employees
  • Processes > 4 million travel order authorizations and requests for reimbursement vouchers each year

TTW Solutions is providing application development and sustainment using Agile methodology and DevOps pipeline. We developed and maintain an ETL (extract, transform, and load) tool to automate the raw data processing from OLTP to Data Warehousing environment. The developed ETL process acts as a single, streamlined process to automatically import, consolidate, standardize, cleanse, verify and validate incoming data from one or more data sources into a single Data Warehousing environment. We conduct data analysis using the data in the Data Mart / Data Warehouse to identify trends and perform analysis on specific topics related to defense travel. We perform data Integration through the development and maintenance of web services to consume data standardized through templates to streamline the processing of incoming external data sources data and automate the ETL process. We provide data analytics with data science and architecture support to generate business intelligence reporting and data visualization that helps the government stakeholders view and analyze travel costs, identify trends, and make better decisions to promote cost savings.

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