Consumer Safety

Consumer Safety - Keeping Americans Safe from Harmful Products

Every month millions of products, including toys, furniture, consumer electronics, and more, pour into the US through various ports of entry. However, there are a limited number of port investigators working hand in hand with US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) personnel to oversee the millions of shipments and ensure that the importers comply with US laws and CPSC regulations. TTW Solutions has taken on the task to support the CPSC in their mission to protect the public from potential harm of these products by designing and developing a risk assessment rule engine to identify the shipments with the highest potential to cause harm. This allows inspectors to examine the riskiest shipments while not slowing down compliant shipments that are part of the free trade necessary to support our economy.

  • More than 13K entries per day across multiple U.S. ports of entry
  • More than $2B worth of products entering the U.S. each day
  • Nearly 7.5 million violative or potentially hazardous consumer product units targeted at ports and prevented them from entering U.S. markets each year


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